Saturday, July 28, 2012

Seattle 2012

We recently returned from Seattle, our first trip post-baby! H2 did great! We were so blessed to have the nicest people next to us on the plane rides, so understanding of H2's fussy periods.

Here are some of our best food moments of the trip:

1. Paseo - a friend's recommendation for cuban sandwiches and bowls of chicken/pork with rice and chips, but this place is definitely not a secret! A small place with a few tables, we were lucky enough to find one--the place was busy!


2. Skillet Diner - thanks to yelp for this find. Even on Monday mid morning, we waited for 15 minutes or so. We had the yummy chicken and waffles (so good!) and tasty deconstructed corned beef hash. The hash portion was pretty tiny; Han was still pretty hungry after his meal. Hey Pretty Thing has some great pics of the food!

3. East India grill - in Federal Way, at a nondescript strip mall. Amazing, affordable lunch buffet with great variety. Samosas, naan, tandoori chicken, tikka masala, lamb curry, cauliflower with carrots & peas, curried rice, to name a few. We met a woman there who said she eats there everyday; she also said H2 would be interested in music :) Han's parents thought this place had the best Indian food they've had in the states!

4. I Love Sushi - I really enjoyed this udon. The broth had a strong chicken-y flavor, but it was just what I needed at the time. Yummy and noodles with good texture. 

5. Cafe Besalu croissants - Cafe Besalu won our Seattle croissant battle a few years ago, over Bakery Nouveau and others. On this trip, we tried Honore's and Besalu still wins on balance between flakiness and depth of flavor. We were able to have some with Besalu's homemade nectarine jam, but were unable to get the amazing almond croissants which they only have on Sundays. Thanks to Hawbone's Flickr for the photo below:

Cafe Besalu Croissant w/Nectarine Jam

6. Bulgogi Salad - a great idea! Tasty bulgogi stirfried with onions, atop greens and a light ranch-like dressing. So good!! We got this from a korean street food stand at Pike's Market.

TO COME: Han are now really into Acai bowls. We've been making our own bowls, for friends and family, as well as trying out bowls we find around town. That'll be our next post!

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